CFHI is the way to go when it comes to global health immersion!

Alessandra and I with Dr. Kothare at his Pediatric OPD clinic.

My name is Amanda Henrichs and I a post-bacc at the University of Idaho studying microbiology as a pre-health student.  I have a B.S. in Flute Performance and Microbiology (Graduate spring 2013) and am currently teaching flute lessons.  Part of my service to the community is working as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT-advanced.

I attended the Maternal and Child Health program in Pune, India from May 5 to June 30, 2012.  One of the main reasons that I choose to apply to CFHI is my desire to witness how another country’s health system works.  CFHI gave me the opportunity to do this in an environment where I felt safe and taken care of.  Receiving this scholarship allowed me to make up the difference in the funding I needed in order to come to India with CFHI’s program.  Without this scholarship I may not have found the remanining difference I needed to participate in the program.

Our daily routine while participating in CFHI’s Maternal and Child Health Program in Pune, India as anything but routine!  For the most part, we would travel from the guest house to Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Dabak’s house for breakfast (about 15 minutes). After eating a delicious breakfast of India food, we would then be taken to our clinical sites all over the city.  Our clinical sites were anything from Out Patient Department (O.P.D.) in gynac or pediatriacs, to the Operation Theater (O.T) or even Labour and Delivery.  We would spend anywhere from 4-8 hours at each site depending on what patients they had, how busy they were and how much we were learning from the doctors on site.  After clinicals we would have the evenings free to shop or just relax.  On the weekends we were encouraged (and did!) to travel to many different sites around Pune.

Journal entry 5/12/12 “India is a land of extremes: heat, weather, people, places, things to see and things to do.”


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