CFHI is the way to go when it comes to global health immersion!

Role Undefined!

Me outside of Deenanath Hospital after a clinical rotation in pediatric OPD

Ambulance bay at Deenanath Hospital

Before I left for India, my role as a healthcare worker was clearly defined in my community but my future in the health industry was not.  Now, after many positive (and some negative) experiencs, I know that whatever path I choose in the healthcare field will be the right one if only I make it so.  I have learned that I have the power to make a difference even if I am not a high paid doctor.  Before coming to India, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, or even what I was going to be doing upon my return home.

Global healthcare immersion has taught me that there are so many facets to patient care and that maybe there is a right or wrong way to do it, just the way that works best for the community.  Even after this experience it is hard to define myself as a healthcare worker becuase I still don’t exactly know what I want to do.  In the fall I will be attending a nursing program that focuses on getting students ready for nurse pratctioner programs.  As a nurse I see myself as an advocate for my patient, a listener, and someone that can be trusted and confided in.  Some qualities that I will strive to posess as a healthcare worker when I go back home are compassion, tolerance, mental control, integrity, and leadership. Not only have I seen these qualities in doctors here in India, but in the people that help guide us through this program.  With these qualities, I will be able to be a better advocate for my patients, and help them get the help that they need.


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