CFHI is the way to go when it comes to global health immersion!

About Me & CFHI

My name is Amanda Henrichs and I a post-bacc at the University of Idaho studying microbiology as a pre-health student.  I have a B.S. in Flute Performance and Microbiology (Graduate spring 2013) and am currently teaching flute lessons.  Part of my service to the community is working as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT-advanced.

I attended the Maternal and Child Health program in Pune, India from May 5 to June 30, 2012.  One of the main reasons that I choose to apply to CFHI is my desire to witness how another country’s health system works.  CFHI gave me the opportunity to do this in an environment where I felt safe and taken care of.  Receiving this scholarship allowed me to make up the difference in the funding I needed in order to come to India with CFHI’s program.  Without this scholarship I may not have found the remanining difference I needed to participate in the program.

CFHI is a non-profit organization which helps facilitate global health & cultural immersion programs for students interested in healthcare and medicine.  It is a great way to experience other countries and their healthcare systems and the experience will help define you as a person.


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